Sawiro: Daawo Dhaq-Dhaqaaqa Taageerayaasha Kooxda Man United Oo Buux Dhaafiyay Wadooyinka Stockholm Ka Hor Saacado Finalka Europe League

Kulanka finalka Europe League ayay inaga xigaan saacado yar xilli taageerayaashu isku diyaarinayaan kulanka taariikhiga ah ee ay kooxdoodu ciyaari doonto.

Taageerayaasha Kooxda Man United ayaa buux dhaafiyay agagaarka Garoonka ay ciyaartu ka dhici doonto iyaga oo dibadaha isugu soo baxay si ay taageero ugu muujiyaan xiddigaha kooxdooda.

Hadaba waxa aanu Halkan kuugu soo bandhigi doonaa sawiradii ugu dambeeyay ee ay taageerayaasha Man United ku muujinayaan taageeradooda Balaadhan.

Sawirad Halkan Hoose Ka Daawo:


Manchester United fans stand outside the Friends Arena with a banner on Wednesday as supporters showed defiance

Another supporter brought a banner that read 'Once a Manc, always a Manc. RIP' referring to the attack on Monday

A police officer walks past another banner which reads 'Your hate makes us stronger'

United fans pose with another banner in the centre of Stockholm on Wednesday afternoon

The travelling fans were soaking up the atmosphere, and the sunshine, in Sweden ahead of the showpiece final on Wednesday

A group of supporters sing songs about their team on the afternoon of the Europa League final

Some United fans let off smoke flares and fireworks as they partied during the day before watching their team against Ajax

Outside the stadium local police joined by heavily armed special officers, as Sweden stepped up its security

Police step in to confiscate the offending flares as order is restored in Stockholm, but spirits remained high

Despite a strong police presence around the stadium things looked to be relaxed, with officers posing for a picture

An officer poses with an Ajax fan on the afternoon of the game, as fans seemed to rub along well with the security services

One supporter found an innovative way look for tickets after making the journey to Sweden for the game

A United fan carries a crate of beer in the city centre on a hot afternoon in Sweden

A group of eight United fans enjoy the atmosphere in Stockholm as they prepare to support their team in the final

A street vendor shows off a half-and-half scarf featuring local hero Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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